Wijaya Turmeric Powder-Why is it so special?

Wijaya products are well known by the Sri Lankans for their hygiene and quality for a long period of time. It is a company with certified recognition and has won a number of prestigious awards. The products are distributed islandwide and the company is known to provide a friendly, excellent service to the customers. Let us discuss Wijaya Turmeric Powder through the following post.

Turmeric Powder adds color and flavor to your curries!

This product from the Wijaya Company is produced by using high-quality products. It is prepared by using the tubers of the plant Curcuma longa. Once these plants are collected, they are ground in a mill. These mills are specially designed for the grinding of turmeric tubers. The grinding process is carried out in the mill under strict hygienic conditions to ensure that the products served to the customers are of the best quality and purity.

Once the grinding is done, steps are taken to pack the products into laminated pouches. This is also done hygienically. This is done to preserve the freshness of the products for a long period. Then, these products are distributed islandwide by the team, to be enjoyed by the customers.

The specialty of this product is that it is made up 100% from ground tubers of Curcuma longa and there are no other ingredients in it. This is a very important fact to consider selecting a product. It is always the best to select the products with a higher percentage of natural ingredients and in that case, Wijaya turmeric powder can be considered as one of the best products available for you. Therefore, it is very clear that this product can be used by the customers without any worries to add taste to their dishes.

What are the medicinal values of Turmeric?

This product not only adds flavor to your dish but also has a number of medicinal values. Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat a number of difficulties like flatulence, jaundice, and colic. It is also helpful in treating menstrual pain, bloody urine, hemorrhage, and toothache.

Not only that, Turmeric offers treatment for bruises. If you are suffering from chest pain, try using turmeric powder as it is also used to treat chest pains. You will be amazed by the fact that it also has the ability to prevent you from colon cancer as it is a good antibacterial agent. Those are some of the medicinal values of turmeric powder and it is very clear that this is a really great product for the people.

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