Raw Coconut Shells


  1. Condition : Natural
  2. Country/Region of Manufacture : Sri Lanka
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Coconut Shell is being obtained after Copra Kernels have been scouped out from the Coconut. We are leading supplier of Coconut Shell in Uva and are exporters from Sri Lanka. We offer Coconut shell with low ash, high calorific value with low moisture, dust free, without husk.

Raw Coconut Shells Uses following Industries

Coconut Shell Powder Manufacturing Industries
Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturing Industries
Activated Carbon Manufacturing Industries
Coconut Shell Chips Manufacturers
For Construction Industry
As Bio-mass for Electricity Generation
For Heating Application in Boilers
Bear glasses, Shell ice cream cups, Show pieces, Shell s, Shell handicrafts, Plywood.


These are sun dried without using any chemical, thereby ensure the authenticity of Coconut Shell.
No cracks, No spots, No fungus on shells
RAW shells.. No any modifications or developments
Ideal for any kind of handcrafts, DIY creations
Can be used with hot water, cool water, dishwater (any kind of liquids) and suitable for contain any kind of eatable foods or drinks

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1 Female Shell, 1 Male Shell, 1 Female Shell & 1 Male Shell, 2 Female Shells, 2 Male Shells, 2 Female Shell & 2 Male Shell


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