Rajayu Cholesterol Fighter Natural Wellness Brew


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Rajayu Cholesterol Fighter Natural Wellness Brew

Naturally regulate your cholesterol and take control of your health. Inspired by Sri Lanka’s ancientHela Veda medicine and clinically tested to control high cholesterol levels & promote healthy blood lips levels, this 100% natural herbal brew is a great daily beverage towards a healthy lifestyle. No negative side effects reported during clinical trials.

100% Natural – Clinically Tested


Best For
Controlling Cholesterol
Key Natural Ingredients

Curry leaf, Ginger, Red Mango, Gotukola, Cumin Seeds, Heart Leaved Moonseed, Black Pepper, Drumstick Tree

Instruction for use

For best results use one Rajayu sachet in one cup of boiling water and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Only natural and safe synthetic ingredients used. Sustainable sourcing. 100% Vegetarian. No animal testing.
Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng. (Curry Leaf) Leaves, Zingiber officinale Roscoe(Ginger) Rhizome, Garcinia quaesita Pierre (Red Mango) Fruit rind, Centella asiatica (L.) Urban (Indian Pennywort) Leaves, Cuminum cyminum (Cumin Seeds) Seed, Tinospora cordifolia (Wild.) Hook. F & Thomas. (Heart leaved Moosdeed) Bark, Piper nigrum L. (Black Pepper) Fruit, Moringa oleifera Lam. (Drumstick Tree) Leaves.

**  Please note that ingredient lists may vary from time to time. Please refer the product packaging for the most updated ingredient list.


Curry leaf


Curry Leaves contain various antioxidant properties and has the ability to control unhealthy cholesterol.


Ginger, a renowned natural herb for ages provides a number of health benefits apart from flavouring your dishes. Ginger rhizome is a powerful natural remedy which significantly reduces cholesterol.

Red Mango


Red Mango, which is popular as Goraka has been used in Sri Lanka since ancient times for culinary and medicinal purposes. Red Mango has become the latest novelty with its ability of effectively tackling weight loss and boosting the immune system.


Gotukola possesses great moisturizing and anti-ageing properties. It is also renowned as a very powerful plant in Ayurveda & Sri Lanka’s ancient Hela-Veda medicine for healing small wounds/scratches and enhancing skin health.

Cumin Seeds


Cumin, has antioxidant properties and is a powerful source of dietary fiber.


Tinospora cordifolia also known as Heart Leaved Moonseed is used in Ayurveda & Hela Veda to enhance vitality.

Heart Leaved Moonseed

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