Baby Cheramy Cotton Buds


  1. Condition : New
  2. Brand : Baby Cheramy
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture : Sri Lanka
  4. Pieces : 100 Pieces
  5. Expired Date : Best before 3 years from date of mfd.
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Baby Cheramy with a rich heritage of over 50 years in serving the nation has been able to build trust & confidence by enriching the lives of mothers and babies. The brand’s main equity is in the trust mothers have as a true baby care brand in the country, Baby Cheramy is Sri Lanka’s number one baby care brand. Baby Cheramy believes that motherhood is the best job in the world!

Directions for Use

To ensure safe use, hold the swab about 1cm from the tip. Use the tip to remove visible dirt and wax around the outer surface of the ear.

Baby Cheramy Cotton Buds Ingredients

100% pure cotton buds


Do not use inside the ear canal.
Improper use can cause injury.
Use under adult supervision.


1.Complete range of toiletries and accessories for babies.
2.Renowned for simple purity of product, using ingredients carefully tested for mildness and suitability for use on babies.
3.Baby Cheramy is the original range of mild baby care products trusted by mothers for so many years. The brand’s main equity is in the trust mothers have in it.

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