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  1. Condition : New
  2. Brand : Aura
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture : Sri Lanka
  4. Expiration Date: 2021/03
  5. Pieces : 20 Incense Sticks in 1 Packet
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Aura incense sticks comes in a variety of fragrances.

Night Queen  

Night Queen Flower starts to bloom after sunset and completes blooming by midnight and dies before sunrise. The fragrance of this flower is so intense that its fragrance can be felt 10 – 20 meters distance.


Frangipani is floral scent with a complexity that creates a tangy and earthy sweetness. Frangipani fragrance is known to create a glowing atmosphere of emotional warmth and is ideal for a quiet romantic evening.


Kewda flower has a smooth and refreshing smell. It is a pleasing floral scent and has an effect on releasing creativity blocks that people experience. Known botanically as Pandanusodoratissimus it grows in coastal areas.

Blue Lotus 

The Blue lotus fragrance has a rich and exotic floral note. Often used in aromatherapy it helps bring about heightened awareness of emotional clarity. It is a enlivening and rejuvenating day time scent. It is perfect to create the ideal setting for yoga, meditation, work or anything that requires focus and creativity.


Sandalwood can bring about a deep state of relaxation at a spiritual level. Burning sandalwood incense can benefit healing work by promoting a deeper relaxed state, increase in spiritual energy and increasing the relaxation in the heart and the throat chakras.


Rose is associative with love, sex, and desire. The fragrance of Roses is magical and sensational. Burning the gentle rose fragrance can linger and create a hint of deep mystery.


Although Jasmine is associated with love, it is associated with beauty. This is where Jasmine starts to differentiate itself from Rose.  Jasmine is more concerned with the mental and emotional connections, and although Jasmine can bring forth someone who is beautiful, this beauty is often an inner-beauty, a beauty of character, in other words someone who you would find beautiful. This also makes Jasmine a very good incense for spells which are meant to promote friendship.

Water Snowflake (KUMUDU)

The fragrance of the flower has a tranquilizing effect and can calm down nervousness and anxiety. This is ideal to burn closer to ending the day.


Coffee fragrance helps you begin your day with a fresh mind and with energy and vigour.  It is ideal when you are entertaining guests as it tends to create positive energy in the room.


The orchid bloom smells almost heavenly and beautiful. By burning Orchid incense sticks one can create  Relaxing and uplifting energy in the room. Orchid fragrance also acts as a aphrodisiac and can help create that extra romantic atmosphere.

The fragrances are extracted from these exotic flowers and blended to perfection in to our natural Incense Sticks by our production facility.

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Night Queen, Frangipani, Kewada, Blue Lotus, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Water Snowflake (KUMUDU), Coffee, Orchid


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